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Calmar Land : Lovely Meadows For Sale
Unit Type For Sale Price Area(sq.m.) Notes
Astana (Single Attached) ₱ 3,233,400 78 sqm
Bella (Single Attached) ₱ 2,292,000 68 sqm
Clara (Single Attached) ₱ 2,732,500 78 sqm
Fiona (Bungalow) ₱ 2,785,000 66 sqm
Geia (Bungalow) ₱ 2,536,700 58 sqm

The benefits of investing in Lovely Meadows Tayabas

Every person’s dream is to own a house they can call home. After working for years and saving enough money, it’s just seems right if you buy a house that can sustain you and your family. The Lovely Meadows Community is a reward for those who work hard in order to live a life befitting of a king. The houses in this gated community are lavishly built and will last several years. They are spacious and have a parking lot. There are several amenities from which residents can benefit from such as basketball, pavilion, and concrete sidewalks, etc. These make the life inside the estate to be interesting and full of fun as residents get to mingle and create ties.

Also, investing in this magnificent estate gives you access to a number of recreational facilities, and lots of other infrastructure. You don’t have to worry about shopping as there are stores, malls and centers to purchase products from. It is located between Lucena and Tayabas Cities which are both some few miles away. Hospitals, Schools, Restaurants and Churches are as well just a drive away from the community. Lovers of nature can visit the famous Mt. Banahao and Iyam River, among other notable places. Whether you’re a business person, looking for a job or a student, you will find that living in Lovely Meadows Tayabas is convenient. The environment is serene and can help a dweller unwind after a busy day at work. The payment plan is easy as it can be done through the bank or via the Pag-Ibig for qualified members. So, if you are interested in owning a home in Lovely Meadows, go ahead and make the investment of your life with a guaranteed high resale value, just in case you plan on shifting later in future.

How to purchase a house in Lovely Meadows Community

A house is a lifetime investment that needs to be purchased the right way. This is because it involves a lot of cash which may even be a person’s life savings. Furthermore, the process of purchasing a real estate property involves a lot of paperwork which some shy away from. But with the right channels and assistance, this process can be made easy and fast. The first noble thing to do if you are interested in a particular house is to consult the developer, like in this case Calmar Land. Then, go to the site and view the different available homes. Choose a house and make a reservation for that same house. Fill the relevant documents and inspect the house for the last time before moving in. When it comes to payment, various arrangements can be made easily through the bank or through Pag-Ibig (HMDF Housing Loan Program) for qualified members in equal monthly amortizations from a minimum of 5 years to a maximum of 30 years. The houses in Lovely Meadow are not only affordable but also luxurious.

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